UK DECKARSON GROUP LTD was initially established as DECKARSON BUILDING MATERIALS LTD in 1990 by Mr. Smith Deckarson in the British manufacturing center of Birmingham. Mr. Deckarson was brought up in an impoverished region in Liverpool, where he suffered the leak, insect damage and cracking of the house. His childhood experience has left great impact on his life. With perseverance and hard work, he came to Birmingham and found DECKARSON BUILDING MATERIALS LTD.

In the 10th DECKARSON anniversary ceremony, Waterproof Technology Research Center,was formally set up.The centre was aim to focus on the research and development of waterproof materials.

European waterproof coating materials in the 20th century could not manage to be waterproof and meanwhile be actual eco-green and nontoxic,which had affected the living condition of vnlnerable groups such as pregnant women.Under the leadership of Dr Thomson,the centre developed DECKARSON green,nontoxic and waterproof coatings,which was certified with Eco Label by EUEB.

In2004,Dr Thomson and his team started a new research project,in which he added Granirapid into DECKARSON coating to level up its adhesiveness.Adding Granirapid solved problems like work on wet floor etc.this waterproof surface can be plastered the second time and directly tiled with stones or ceramics.

In2009,Dr James joined DECKARSON.Hepointed out that although the waterproof coatings are nontoxic,when the work last too long,harmful bacterium may still accumulate on the surface,which may lead to potential pollution and damage.


After more than 300 times of experiment on solutions to this problem,Dr James adopted the new generation coXN antibacterial nanotechnology,which determined the remarkable chemical stability of DECKARSON coXN waterproof coating(named K11 in China market ).It is not only waterproof and environmental friendly,but it also has effective protection against bacteria,therefore,it is suitable for areas with high hygienic requirements like baby`s room,nursing home,school dormitory,hospital,swimming pool,bathroom/toilet and other public places.

Themilitary industrial market advantage of Birmingham has provided DECKARSON with the development basis.DECKARSON cooperated with military industrial firms and adopted the military quality standard.DECKARSON has received European Quality Award and European Antibacterial Coating Nanotechnology Award,and was certified by EUB, EMAS,Allergy and Asthma Federation etc.               


DECKARSON and its series of waterproof coating products have expanded its market into China since 2010,when it has been popular in Europe for 20 years.With head office set up in Chongqing and representative offices in several regions throughout the country,DECKARSON has brought into China the leading building material brand in Europe,and its advanced coating technology,equipment,as well as its concept and mission.